History of Olomouc tvaruzky

Tvaruzky are so much associated with milk and country homes in terms of the fundamental material and the production method that it will never be possible to determine the exact date they first appeared among foods. Even the oldest reports mention them as usual food – mentioned in 1452 by Kux as well as in an estate list from Olomouc in 1583 where the name tvaruzky appears for the first time. Olomouc markets or traders from Olomouc subsequently added the name Olomoucke tvaruzky even though the vast majority were produced in the surrounding villages as “selske tvaruzky” (farmer cheese).

At the turn of the 18th century, reports gradually started to emerge from archival sources confirming the strong position of tvaruzky on contemporary menus. E.g. in 1601, a well was being built in Hradečná near Uničov, the well makers were paid 1 golden for 1 fathom deep and 2 three-scores of tvaruzky…, etc.

Tvaruzky also enjoyed success on a global scale. At the world exhibition in Vienna in 1872, the cheese received an important award. At this time, railways spanned across the whole of Europe which opened new markets to Olomoucke tvaruzky.

The oldest supported reference about the curd cheese is from Olomouc (10 January 1583). The first photo of curd cheese production was made shortly before 1886 in Prostějov, and the first photographs in Loštice – before 1900. A photograph from the courtyard of the house No. 57 in Loštice is the historical document (after 1909) – Alois Wessels in the midst of his employees. His descendants at the same address are the last producers of the Olomouc curd cheese – A. W. spol. s r. o.

Josef Wessels was the first, who began to produce the curd cheese (in 1876), his son Alois continued his legacy since 1898. Descendants of Josef Wessels are nowadays the only producers of the Olomouc curd cheese. It is named after the famous markets, namely – OLOMOUC. In the course of nearly 20 years (till the year 1913) 120 farmers cooperative dairies were established in Moravia and in 1913 3,000 tons of curd were produced in them. For producers of the curd cheese it was a great offer, which was utilized best by Alois Wessels. He opened the door to the large lot production and his curd cheese factory became the greatest of all.

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